Valley Springs

The Valley Springs Property is a lithium exploration project with high potential and no previous drilling. The property consists of 1000 unpatented placer claims covering 20,00 acres. Approximately 36 miles northeast of Austin, Nevada, the property expresses all indicators of a potential lithium brine system. The large, enclosed basin is surrounded by mountains with ample felsic volcanics and intrusives, has active hot spring systems on 3 sides of the valley out of 4, and surface salt lithium assays as high as 510 ppm Li. The property is held by Great Basin Resources Inc. and is currently open for lease.

The Valley Springs Property has near ideal indicators of lithium brine potential. The claims staked on the 15 mile long playa are focused in the lowest part of the valley at roughly 5620 feet, surrounded by the zones of most intense hot spring activity and the highest surface salt lithium values. The basin drains an area of 595 square miles, slightly larger than Clayton Valley.

Exploration to date has been comprised of surface sampling and an MT survey. The MT survey, run by Fritz Geophysics in December of 2016, shows a near surface low resistivity target over 500 feet thick (152 m), with a deeper brine zone extending to roughly 2,500 feet (762 m), the estimated depth of the basin sediments. The most favorable features revealed by the MT are steeply dipping zones of low resistivity which have been interpreted as structures. It is the belief of Great Basin Resources Inc. that these potentially brine filled structures are key for the existence of lithium rich brine. To date, no testing of any subsurface waters has taken place at Valley Springs. While the valley most likely also hosts sediments rich in lithium, the focus of exploration is on a brine target.