North Salt Wells

The Salt Wells North project is a lithium/boron exploration project located 15 miles from Fallon, Nevada. The property consists of 444 unpatented placer claims covering 8,880 acres (13.9 square miles). The property is located in a playa that has all of the characteristics needed for lithium brine and lithium/boron rich sediments: 1. arid climate; 2. closed basin containing a playa; 3. tectonically driven subsidence; 4. Mechanism for freeing lithium ions from simple compounds; 5. Suitable lithium source rocks; 6. One or more adequate aquifers; 7. Sufficient time to concentrate a brine; and Geothermal heat to improve the leaching of lithium from sediments.

Surface geochemical sampling of salts has defined a 4 miles long by 2 miles wide area averaging over 200 ppm lithium and over 400 ppm boron. Lithium values range up to 1,000 ppm and a boron assay from a soil sample ran >1.0 % boron. North-south faulting appears to be the dominant structural feature and these have numerous springs along their paths. A major geothermal system occurs north and west of the project and may have helped produce the exceptional lithium and boron values found to date.

A large scale grid surface sampling program is planned next. After the results are plotted, an MT geophysical survey, auger sampling, and then brine/sediment drilling are planned. Drilling on or near structures is critical to find lithium brine.