Salt Wells

The Salt Wells Property is located in Churchill County, Nevada, 22 kilometers southeast, by road, from the city of Fallon. Owned by Great Basin Resources Inc., the project consists of 150 placer claims totaling 3,000 acres. It is part of a large, deep basin with no outflowing drainages. The entire basin covers approximately 110 square kilometers, measuring 19 kilometers long in a northwest direction and averages approximately 6 kilometers in width.

There is well over 1000 feet (300 m) of relief between the current playa elevation and surrounding hills/mountains. Several thousand years of erosion have deposited hundreds of feet of sand, gravel, shale and clay and hopefully created concentrated lithium brines within permeable sediments and along structures. Significant salt flats have developed in the central basin which is slowly being covered by the alluvial fans radiating from narrow valleys and canyons in nearby topographic highs.

Lithium in salt samples are highly anomalous and run as high as 410 ppm in the project area. The claims follow strong north-northwest lineaments thought to be major faults and possible hosts to lithium brine. An MT geophysical survey verified the location of the faults and identified a potential shallow brine. Drilling is planned by mid-2018.


The property is currently optioned to AJN Resources Inc.